It’s sad to know that people are ignorant to how they let their lives stagnate, but it’s worse to see it then follow suit.

Make changes, strive for more, never settle; because a life without challenges breeds ignorance, laziness and discontent.


Responsibility is a heavy burden that many people are not ready for.
Most find themselves in positions they cannot handle and buckle, while others face their own struggles in doing what must be done.

There will always be challenges that await you, no matter the role.

Prepare yourself, remain confident, stay open minded and keep focus.

True rewards come to those who do not stray away from their path.

Misfortune follows few, most follow misfortune.

Thoughts out of Tempo

I don’t rap and I am not a poet. If this was a competition I would probably blow it. I just use words as a form of release, to try to take my chaos and turn it into peace.

I don’t think I paid attention, when they said my words didn’t have the right inflection. It’s not about the verb, it’s about how you say it. People listen more if they think that’s how you pray it. But this is me.

The way I feel about god is blasphemy, But the way that you compare is hypocrisy. I live and let live, I let god give, But if he wants to take, I cannot forgive.

All life has a balance. If you can’t get it, then you weren’t meant to have it. Karma works instant, One can be gifted, But do the wrong thing and the blessing will be lifted. That’s just fate.

I do right for my own, These broad shoulders burden only one home. I don’t hate the world, I just hate how I should love it. How it treats me like dirt, but I’d be wrong to shove it. How even one utterance could damn me today. How those who don’t appreciate, want me to pay. How a penny in my pocket could damn me to guilt, but no one gave a dollar when homes needed to be built. Let me stop.

I have love, I have bliss I have what I worked for and the rest I don’t miss. I garner all this hatred for being so selfish, but people loved me when I really couldn’t help it. All emotions thrive when given the right control. Arrogance is pride. Ignorance can save your soul. Anger breeds mercy. Greed births compassion. This isn’t speculation, this is just the world’s fashion.

Public misconception says it’ll be okay. It’s not that I believe it, it’s just what I say. The world can be dark when the heart gets jaded. The world can eat your dreams and never be sated. That doesn’t mean you fall, you don’t have to fail. The path to success is always based on if you’re frail. “You only live once.” But they don’t say how you get through it. The only good advice comes from nike, “Just do it.”

He, who gave me life…

I know a lot about my father. More than I sometimes think I do to be perfectly honest.

I have this frame of thought that I developed from him, where you speak your thoughts out loud as best as you can shape them out. People might not always understand it, they may find you a little crazy but in time, they’ll put the pieces together and they’ll see the picture you tried to draw for them.

While looking through old pictures of his past, his soccer playing days and his days of newspaper clipping, I realized how much of a superhero I thought he was. Not thought, but rather, still think he is.

I have always been disappointed that the year he gained his soccer coaching license was the same year I broke my leg and wound up in a cast for 6 months. I may not have been excited in my overweight body to be forced to run everyday kicking a ball over and over, but I didn’t want to disappoint him the way I did. I can still remember the look on his face when I needed help getting up that ramp out of that park, I think a part of him was just really hoping I was being a big baby.

Either way that’s besides the point.

My father taught me that the most important thing in this world is words. Reading and writing, listening and speaking. You can’t do one without the other, don’t bother writing or speaking if you haven’t listened or read a word that was from someone else before. He was adamant about this and I listened to him intently. He told me things I wasn’t ready for, that I wouldn’t understand until years later.

When the light was illuminated on me though, I grew even more awed by his greatness. This genius and humble man, who through all his faults that he may have had, instilled a sense of pride in me.

In the end this is really just a rant about how much I love my father. I don’t think I ever really show it enough though I know there have been moments we shared that it shone through.

I am the father of two brilliant little girls and I give all thanks to him for showing me how to be a good at it.


Stress, the ever living force born from hardship. People hate it while I embrace. I do not love stress, but I love what it represents.

Obstacles, Effort and inevitably, Progress.

A life of simple conquests would bore me, and I am prone to quitting that which does not provide suitable challenge or entertainment.

Give me glory and victory through opposition, do not spoon feed me meaningless and momentary praise for homeostasis.

It is not your woes I belittle, but your way of life. For what is life, if not a never ending quest to prove you live it?

One of the most annoying things in the world is dealing with people who think that if they yell louder, they win.

All I hear is “Blah Blah Blah” and the more you go the more annoyed I get at the time being wasted.

I’m really not one for those kind of situations, unless of course, we’re asking if I’m the one capable of ending them, because I will. In fact, I’ll end it very quickly.

It may not be the best response however, so for now, this is enough of a preparatory vent.

Some are not ready for the future, some people are willing to sacrifice too much for it. The balance between the two is a hard thing to reach, but life has always been about just that: Finding balance, from within, to spread outward.

Building Blocks of Nothingness

You know, I’m usually pretty quiet about certain topics, but there is one thing I can’t really stand at all. Excuses.

Blaming the difficulty of life on race, gender, social status, sexuality; it’s all ridiculous.

The people who have suffered through worse fates and succeeded aren’t miracles, they’re hard workers who put all the excuses aside and made something of themselves.

Yes, life can be hard, yes, there can be some judgemental, biased and hateful people on this Earth. But guess what? That’s nothing new, it never has been new. Religious and Non-religious people all know it isn’t new.

Stop blaming statistics, stop following herds thinking you’re guiding. Make something of yourself, do something with your life and stop moaning about the difficulty.

If it isn’t worth working for, it isn’t worth anything.

The Price of Change

Everything evolves, all things must change in one way or another.

There are constant complaints about how things were better before, but you can never keep good changes and avoid bad ones.

As technology advances, so too must the people who use it.

The Wright brothers did not imagine the drop of an Atom bomb when they wanted to fly.

Bell did not imagine cyber bullying when he wanted to speak to someone from a distance.

Just as there are good and bad people, there are good and bad uses to everything.

If we want progress, we must accept the occasional transgressions that will come with it.

Complaints amount to nothing, we must adapt and conform to survive.